What is ABBR?

SaaS based Business Application ABBR

ABBR is an application framework which the user can customize. You can modify layout, set Server Logic, specify Index and Inquiry, synchronize with local system, create your own Report Templates and edit Database Objects at your preference. It is the perfect solution to transfer your current local software to a Cloud-based platform.

Customizing Cloud Computing ABBR

ABBR is short for “Application Builder Binary Resource”. ABBR, brought to you by Cloud2Mfg, will expand the capabilities to develop and customize business software and application. These modifications include basic layout changes to setting up customized Database Objects. All of this is performed compile free, stored directly and converted on the spot when the program is running. By utilizing this methodology the server can be prevented from a bloat. It is the ideal solution for customers looking at transferring their system to a Cloud-based platform.

Customizing Cloud Computing ABBR

Edit user data directly. Store your data without compiling!